Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club News

The VVRC Committee would like to wish all of its members and their trusty steeds an very Happy New Year!

2021 was another challenging year and we hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Dates for your diary:
The dates for the VVRC Members Only Inhouse Dressage Competitions are:
February 6th, Sunday 9 – 11 at Radfords
March, No club competition. 6th March Area Competition at Radfords.
April 30th, Saturday. 10 – 12 at Radfords.
May 14th, Saturday. 10 – 12 at Radfords.
June 25th, Saturday. 10 – 12 at Radfords.
July 16th, Saturday. 10 – 12 at Radfords
August 21st, Sunday. 10 – 12 at Radfords.

It’s the time of year again to renew or join an affiliated riding club.

VVRC is an active club and although activities have been restricted over the last months we still manage to put on a schedule of training clinics, camp and competitions for our members.

If you wish to join VVRC select the tab for the membership form

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022 and we’d love your feedback on what you would like to see on the schedule next year.

Our latest newsletter and events planned until January 2022 can be found here
VVRC Newsletter Oct-Jan 2022

New Members

If you would like to join our riding club then please complete the
VVRC-New membership Form 2022

We are a very active riding club and we look forward to welcoming you to the club!

Existing Members

To renew your membership (due each January) please complete 
VVRC-Membership Renewal Form 2022

any membership questions please contact Sally Evans at sally.evans58@yahoo.co.uk

If you are thinking about joining a riding club why not take a look at our Newsletter?
We’re sure when you’ve read the reports from our activities over the last 3 months and what we have planned you’ll want to join VVRC!


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You can now use Horse Monkey to book in to any of our clinics, events or competitions