Terry’s Showjumping – first comp for 2015!

I just thought that I would give you an update of how the show jumping went on Saturday. In case you missed it we had the first of Terrys jumping for 2015 at Radfords. We had a really mixed group of competitors, with members new members and non members all jumping the various classes.

The clear round went down really well, from lead rein riders to those just wanting to warm up. A few riders I spoke to afterwards said it massively prepared them for the first class, even if it was just to learn the course! The first two classes the 60 and 70cm were popular and we had a lovely flowing single phase course built by Elspeth. The 80 was mainly non members, but one member that plucked up the courage at the last minute and cruised round to finish 5th was Babs Williams riding Tara.

We had 7 competitors for the new accumulator class, which unfortunately didn’t include any members. The fences ranged from 70cm to a solid 1m upright and was highly competitive but really good fun – The top two jumping either lots of the smaller fences or a few of the bigger ones and it was very close – so no matter what height you jump at usually, its tactical riding and determination not just height that counts! Especially as it was won by a 13h pony!

The 80cm open saw a more challenging course that seemed to go down well. The 90 and 1m classes just had the one member entering, which was Louise with her horse Raffi who finished 3rd in both classes.

The best turned out also went down well and was a nice surprise for competitors to get a rosette for making the effort especially if they hadn’t been placed. Anne had ordered us some lovely new rosettes that lots of people commented on.

We had a fantastic team of helpers who also seemed to have a good day – Babs, Sophie, Sian, Jess, Sara, Zoe, Jo and Justine and Elspeth who helped the night before. As well as non members Simon and Katie.

We also had a photographer for all classes including the clear round – you can view the photos by searching DnA photography on facebook.

I’ve heard that a few members are worried about the change of the show jumping schedule – but those members that did attend really enjoyed it. If you are worried that maybe it looks too serious or competitive, it really isn’t and the clear round is an excellent way to come and practice and get you ready for the first class as the course stays the same and you can put the fences set at any height you like. So hopefully next time we can have a few more members, especially in the classes after lunch (I know there are plenty of members jumping 90/1m… so no excuses )and its a great way for those riders that compete in area to practice too! I am currently thinking of more ways to persuade you to come!

Here are the results for the points league

Class One – 60cm
Molly Allen and Evidence First – 6 points (2nd)
Paul Cartwright and Rouge – 3 points (5th)
Becky King and Eddie – 2 points (6th)
Ali Harper and Jack – 1 point
Heather Jones and Flicka -1 point
Zoe Chamberlain and Douglas – 1 Point
Paula Jefferson and Lilly – 1 point
Wendy Gartry and Clive – 1 point

Class Two – 70cm
Heather Jones and Flicka 3 points – 5th
Molly Allen and Evidence First 1 point
Nic Newby and Cash – 1 point

Class Three
Babs Williams and Tara – 3 points (5th)

Class Four and Five – No Members entered 🙁

Class Six – 90cm
Louise and Raffi – 5 points (3rd)

Class Severn – 1m
Louise and Raffi – 5 Points (3rd)

Best turned out riding club memebers –
Becky King – 10 points
Sian Williams – 10 points
Sophie Williams – 10 points

The next show is on Saturday 6th June again at Radfords

Hope to see you then, have attached a couple of photos from Heather and Babs.