June Update on VVRC Summer Dressage League

Results for VVRC Summer Dressage League; June leg.

Prelim 1
1st Ali Harper – Jack 7 pts
2nd Anne Roberts –Millie 6 pts
3rd Charlotte Saunders 5 pts
4th Patsy Pyke – Henry 4 pts
5th Paula Jeffries – Lily 3 pts
6th Katherine Hayward 2 pts
Helen Clarke – Nicky, Megan Evans – Charlie, Nicola Garcia – Fuga, 1 pt

Prelim 7
1st Wendy Gartry – Clive 7 pts
2nd Jackie Harrison – Killian 6 pts
3rd Patsy Pyke – Henry 5 pts
4th Sara Wright – Augusto 4 pts
5th Paula Jeffries – Lily 3 pts
6th Sam Shaw Davies – Mollie 2 pts
Meg Evans – Charlie, Ali Harper – Jack, 1 pt
Nov 30
1st Jane Yorke – Lindford 7 pts
2nd Wendy Gartry – Clive 6 pts
3rd Patsy Pyke – Henry 5 pts
4th Sally Evans – Sirius 4 pts
5th Sam Shaw Davies – Mollie 3 pts

Here is the leaderboard half way through the series:

1 Patsy Pyke – Henry 28 pts
2 Wendy Gartry – Clive 24 pts
3 Sue Higgins – Aberllwyds Another Rose 18 pts
=4 Anne Roberts – Millie 17 pts
Paula Jeffires – Lily 17 pts
6 Jane Yorke – Lindford 14 pts
7 Sally Evans – Sirius 12.5 pts
8 Ali Harper – Jack 12 pts
9 Katherine Hayward – Honey 10 pts
=10 Ali Harper – Donovan 8 pts
Sara Wright – Augusto “
Nicola Garcia- Fugo “
Sam Shaw Davies – Molly “
14 Babs Williams – Tara 7 pts
=15 Jeanette Barnes – Ted 6 pts
Jackie Harrison – Killian “
Helen Clarke – Nicky “
=18 Meg Evans – Mac 5 pts
Meg Davies – Rio “
Charlotte Saunders “
Helen Clarke- Nicky “
=22 Tara Evans –Randy 4 pts
Meg Evans – Charlie “
=24 Heather Jones-Flicka 3 pts
Jo Waters- Annie “
26 Carol Kynaston- Cel 2.5 pts
27 Teresa Jones – Jack 2 pts
=28 Justine Roberts – Alton 1 pt
Shirley Jones – Tango “
Kate Davies- Miri “

Points are awarded as follows:
1st 7, 2nd 6, 3rd 5, 4th 4, 5th 3, 6th 2, Completing 1

ODE Results 2015

Results for the Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club & Tanatside Hunt Branch of The Pony Club One Day Event

ODE Results 2015

Thank you to all of our competitors who battled the weather conditions to take part in the ODE. We hope you had a great day and were pleased with your results.

I would like to say a huge “thank you” to those members and friends who helped at our ODE on Saturday at Berriewood.

The weather conditions were “challenging”, but everyone just accepted that and made the most of it.

I am going to risk naming those who helped and hope to goodness I don’t miss anyone out!!

First of all we had several non VVRC members
Jo Woodcock who did a splendid job as XC Control and kept that whole phase moving despite deteriorating ground conditions.

Wendy and Sally Poppe (who is a member) ran the dressage

Rhiannon Hinton who dressage judged.

Trish Bridge was in charge of scoring and also was the extremely long suffering person who worked out all the competitor times and dealt with the many changes thrown at her.

Linda Jackson who was scoring.

Patsy Pyke’s husband Adrian who wrote for dressage and Jane Yorke’s partner Pete who also wrote for dressage.

Fiona and Rainer Jarman, Jan Glover, John Howarth and Harvey Walters (also on standby for fence repair) who all fence judged.

Now to our members

Sally Evans and myself are joint organisers on behalf of both clubs ( Tanatside PC and VVRC)

Anne Roberts who does a considerable amount of work before, during and after the event.

Jane Yorke and Patsy Pyke both judged dressage. In fact Patsy judged 2 classes.

Jeanette Barnes was in Secretaries

Elspeth Carr was scoring.

James Dawson ran the Show Jumping ably assisted by Jessica Jones

Tara McDermott ran her socks off collecting scores, Nikki Alexander and Vikki Luxmoore wrote for dressage, Joanne Matthews stewarded dressage and Sara Wright was on the XC start.
Irene Gill and Teresa Jones who served refreshments to fence judges.

Last but by no means least were the members who spent 8 hours out on the XC fence judging.

They were
Pat Sheppard, Jan Lawrence, Emily Jones, Rebecca Walters, Sue Jones, Emma Belcher, Heather Jones, Babs Williams, Jenny Clayton, Charlie Pearce, Sharon Ratcliff, Karen Booth, Erica Morgan. Kat Morgan, Gaynor Morgan, Meg Evans and Mair Schmeink helped on behalf of both clubs.

I believe we will have made a good amount of money for Riding Club Funds again which of course go straight back to members in one way or another.

Julie Phillips

Festival of Th Horse Championship 2015

WOW what a fantastic result! One of our members, Sam Shaw-Davies, was placed 7th at the Festival of the Horse Championships at Aston Le Walls last weekend. I’m sure you’ll all agree with me that she and Mollie deserve a great big WELL DONE!

They qualified at area on March 21st at Radfords, coming 3rd in their arena with a 32 dressage and clear show jumping. They weren’t expecting to qualify but received a letter 3 weeks ago inviting them to the championships at Aston le Walls.
This was part of the Festival of The Horse which also incorporates the Express Eventing and the championships ran over Saturday and Sunday. They competed on the Sunday in the drizzle, after a 5:30am start but it was all worth it as Molly did a very sweet test and was scored with a 34 (the highest score being 27, so not much of a gap!) and then went on to do an amazing show jumping round, not bad for a 15hh 17yo ex racehorse!

Congratulations to them both!