VVRC Prize Giving 2019

We must firstly thank all our wonderful helpers as without them there would be no competitions or Area events for members to attend.

I have counted the hours which some members have put in for us and it is amazing……and they have all worked for free as none have them have been paid.

We have a group of super helpers who have helped us for over 20 hours and one member is outstanding as she has worked for us for over 80 hours.

Our super helpers are: Lynda Haigh, Jane Walker, Sue Biltcliffe, Hannah Burgoyne and Ros Swanton.

Our amazing super helper is: Elspeth Carr who has worked for us for over 80 hours, she painted all VVRC show jumps on her own and also built six SJ courses for us and then judged at six of our SJ competitions.

All six received rosettes and small thank you gifts.

VVRC have started a ‘Voucher gift system’ for members who on top of their obligatory four hour help day work for another four hours for us……this year the only member to qualify is Paula Jefferson with eight and a half hours of help. Paula also received a rosette.

Our next award is the RoR trophy and rosettes – Retraining of Racehorses

This year the outstanding award goes to “ The two horses of Ruth and Caroline Hurley”
Ruth said that the award should go to the horses as “They are the stars, they did all the work and work for both Mother and Daughter”.

I agree with Ruth as the horses are the stars but they have to be ridden by good riders to get a good result.

Best Member Awards

This award is given to the members who attend the most of our activities which are not competitive.

1. Sue Biltcliffe – Sue also received a trophy
2. Anne Roberts
3. Sara Wright
4. Karen Hatcher
5. Carol Kynaston and Paula Jefferson
6. Lynn Bird
7. Zoe Chamberlain and Kat Morgan

Show Jumping Awards

Competitions held at Rhos Farm

1. Hannah Burgoyne – Hannah also received a Cup
2. Claerwen McClean
3. Amanda Hopwood
4. Zoe Chamberlain
5. Lynn Bird
6. Heather Jones

Best Competitive Riders Award

1. Helen Hathaway – Helen also received a trophy
2. Hannah Burgoyne
3. Becky Furniss
4. Caroline Hurley
5. Kat Morgan
6. Shelly Colohan

Well done everyone