Social evening walk

Social evening walk June 2022

Back in June a few of us met up for a social evening in the sunshine, we met in Pant and went for a lovely walk around Llanymynech nature reserve.

We discovered a new path for all of us, even Anne who grew up in the area! It was a gorgeous evening and a lovely, relaxed way for us all to get to know each other a little better and chat as we wandered around the beautiful site of the reserve. Best of all, we were treated to some fantastic views out over Vyrnwy Valley riding club territory, and I even persuaded everyone to have a photo taken!

Visit to PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery

VVRC Visit to PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery.

Back in August, some of us attended the open day at PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery near Stafford.

They specifically cater to and specialise in the care of retired equines or equines in need of rehabilitating – most commonly due to issues surrounding diet, movement and trim.

A few of us in VVRC have moved to keeping our horses barefoot and have set up tracks at home so we thought it would be worthwhile going to PB to see how they are set up and get some ideas!

Paddock Paradise is a concept developed by Jaime Jackson based on his observations of the lifestyles of the wild and free-roaming horses living naturally in the U.S. “Great Basin” (the American Mustang) and was first conceived as a way to provide domestic horses with an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat. PB consists of 3 non-grass Paddock Paradise track systems – abundant with various types of shelters, feeding stations, natural herbs and forage, water points and wildlife. that they say provides a peaceful environment, fulfilling their need for a species appropriate diet amongst a herd with unrestricted movement. While it looks a bit strange not seeing horses out on grass, it seems to make a lot of sense.

During the day we listened to talks about how the track, diet, movement benefits the horse’s health and wellbeing. We were also taken on a tour of their facilities and had a lovely lunch.

All the horses looked very happy, healthy and contented and we got some great ideas about management and also enrichment for our own horses at home.

I’ve already bought a giant haynet like the ones at PB to put a big round haybale in which is a brilliant idea, saves time filling smaller nets and prevents a lot of waste. We all agreed It was a very interesting day and well worth going.



We have now reached the end of the Summer League dressage competitions which have run from April to September inclusive. On the whole we have had good attendance. However, two of our competitions had to be cancelled due to lack of entries. In the later competitions, we have boosted our entry numbers by inviting Oswestry Riding Club and friends to join us. We have had a lot of good feedback especially about how friendly and relaxed the competitions have been.
We have struggled in recent competitions to get helpers and I have had to enlist helpers from outside the club or our events would not have been able to go ahead. The committee have discussed at great length how we can encourage more members to help and we have agreed that helpers will be rewarded with a £5 voucher for help of three hours.
We are now entering into the Winter League dressage competitions with our first one planned for 8th October and we hope to see many of you there, either riding or helping. The league will run from October to March inclusive with points awarded on % results on your test.
Prize giving for the summer league and winter league will be at the AGM and the rosettes are certainly worth winning.
The following are the results of the summer league.
Summer Dressage League 2022