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Centaur Biomechanics Rider Analysis Clinic – 5th June 2016

Centaur Biomechanics Rider Analysis Clinic – 5th June 2016

Ah, there’s nothing like a watching a close up, slo-mo video of your body wibbly-wobbling around in a skin tight jacket to make you realise you must be trying out a new equestrian adventure, and that you really must stick to that diet!

Today I attended the Centaur Biomechanics Rider Analysis clinic arranged by the riding club. Apart from the aforementioned, it was an amazing clinic, I didn’t know you could learn so much in 45 minutes!

The clinic was run by Russell Guire, who is the director of Centaur Biomechanics and the British Equestrian Federation’s Performance Analyst, and a very nice chap too.

After a brief warm up I donned said skin tight jacket. The jacket has various straight lines on it so that when you are videoed riding in the jacket you can see how straight you are riding. My saddle and Gus were also kitted out with some markers so that we could see how straight I was sitting on Gus. Russell then videoed us doing to some basic movements in all 3 paces and then we reviewed the videos.

jacket 1

Well the good news is I ride lovely and straight on the left rein, WOO HOO! Sadly not so much on the right, on the right rein I sit to the left and in general my upper body position could do with some work too……

Then we did a very interesting exercise, taking away the stirrups, turn down the centre line and then close your eyes and ride a straight line. When Russell asked me to open my eyes Gus was way over to the left of the centre line, showing how me sitting to the left affects how the horse goes. Wow, what a revelation! When we repeated the exercise it felt like I was riding to the right but actually this time we were much straighter, third time was a charm.

We then worked on some simple exercises to help me sit straight on the right rein and immediately I could feel the difference and I now know what it feels like when I am sitting square on the horse on the right rein and if I’m not what to do to straighten myself up.
After taking the stirrups back we dropped them a hole, putting my leg in a better position but after the short session without stirrups and learning how to sit evenly they felt the right length. We then continued with some more exercises to help me improve my position in trot and canter and to improve Gus’s straightness in the canter.

I thought it was an amazing session. It’s always great to remind yourself how much your own position and balance affects your horse’s way of going. So, in conclusion, I’m going to start every riding session without stirrups and ensure I’m sitting evenly, shorten my reins, bend my elbows and kick on!

When this finally comes out in the newsletter perhaps you would like to contact me and see if I stuck to it :@)

pic 3

Sara Wright

Showing Demo Evening

Showing Demo Evening

19th April 2016

We were blessed with a lovely evening for our showing demo at Oswestry EC on April 19th. The evening began with some demonstrations from Liane Roberts and Rachel Jones, both experienced showing riders who have competed numerous times at HOYS and RIHS.
They demonstrated correct turnout for different classes and how to show your horse or pony at their best in the ring.
We then saw a demonstration of how to ride a Working Hunter course.
Following this, Lisa Lake gave a very entertaining demo of how to groom for showing, with some fantastic tips for the professional look. Becky King brought along a range of tack, clothing and products and gave advice on what to wear for different classes. A very successful and popular evening it proved to be.




Sports Psychology for the Rider

Sports Psychology for the Rider
22nd February 2016

This was an entertaining and informative evening, put on by the club and Ied by BE coach, Elspeth Carr, addressing the issues surrounding our fears and phobias when riding and what techniques we can use to overcome them. A good audience of thirty or so took part in the workshop and Q&A session as well enjoying the hospitality of the Bradford Arms. Elspeth covered the three recognised stages. She went on to looking at visualisation and positive self-talk, and what methods and routines we can adopt to help us stay calm and focused in our riding. We all came away inspired having set targets for both ourselves and our horses. We also raised over £100 for the Brooke Hospital.

BRC Riding Test and Style Jumping

BRC Riding Test

If you like dressage but your horse doesn’t, the BRC riding test could be for you! Judged on accuracy and your riding only. Marks are awarded according to the rider’s performance, and the horse’s paces are not considered. For senior teams two members ride the Prelim RT and the other two ride the Novice RT.

Style Jumping

Style jumping is similar to show jumping, but marks are based on the rider’s performance rather than the horse’s. Consisting of two sections, 75cm and 85cm, for both juniors and seniors at the Qualifiers and Championships. The jumps are well spaced out, one double, includes a ‘dog-leg’ with a narrow jump at some point to show control.

BRC Riding Tests – Understanding and Improving Performance BRC Style Jumping – Understanding and Improving Performance

There are opportunities to come along and give it a try in our events programme on pages 18-28

Patsy Pyke, BR Style & Performance List 1 judge

Horse Monkey

At recent committee meetings we have discussed how we can make the administration of club events easier, both for members and for the organisers running the events. We have elected to trial Horse Monkey for several upcoming events. This is a very popular method of entry and payment and is used by numerous RC’s and PC’s among others.

• There is a simple sign up process which will retain your’s/horses details for use with any events on Horse Monkey.
• You do not need a PayPal account as payment can be made by CC or DC, the choice is yours, it is as easy as doing a bank transfer.
• You will need to enter your VVRC membership number, which will be retained, this will be needed to give you club discounts for example: Cassie’s SJ is £6 for member’s and £7 for non-members, putting your number in will ensure you get the discounted price. Your membership number is on the card issued to you, if you do not have this please contact Sally Evans or myself and we will be happy to give it to you.
• It will not discount subs for clinics, this will be done in the normal way with Anne.
• It will give the organisers of the VVRC clinics and events better information for planning as the information will be produced in a report.
• There will be a link on the VVRC Facebook page to take you to the Horse Monkey site and there will be a link on the VVRC website that when clicked on will show you VVRC active events listed on Horse Monkey.

This will be new to some of you, so I am sure there will be some queries along the way…please do not hesitate to mention these, I personally use Horse Monkey and find it a very easy site to navigate and use.

If you do not have access to the internet, do not worry as although we want to promote this as the preferred method for entries we will take postal or on the day entries.

VVRC Summer Dressage League 2016

Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club
Summer Dressage League

Open to members only, Thursday evenings at
Brithdir Equestrian Centre, Guilsfield, Welshpool, SY219DJ

Starting at 6 pm

Come and enjoy a relaxed evening of summer dressage

Tests from Intro to Novice

Details of tests to follow.

Entries £10 per class including a glass of Pimms!

Excellent working in and competition facilities.

Rosettes to 4th place

Trophy for most points accrued over the season.

Dates for your diary:

28th April, 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July, 18th Aug, and 8th Sept

Further information – Elspeth Carr,