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VVRC Prize Giving 2019

We must firstly thank all our wonderful helpers as without them there would be no competitions or Area events for members to attend.

I have counted the hours which some members have put in for us and it is amazing……and they have all worked for free as none have them have been paid.

We have a group of super helpers who have helped us for over 20 hours and one member is outstanding as she has worked for us for over 80 hours.

Our super helpers are: Lynda Haigh, Jane Walker, Sue Biltcliffe, Hannah Burgoyne and Ros Swanton.

Our amazing super helper is: Elspeth Carr who has worked for us for over 80 hours, she painted all VVRC show jumps on her own and also built six SJ courses for us and then judged at six of our SJ competitions.

All six received rosettes and small thank you gifts.

VVRC have started a ‘Voucher gift system’ for members who on top of their obligatory four hour help day work for another four hours for us……this year the only member to qualify is Paula Jefferson with eight and a half hours of help. Paula also received a rosette.

Our next award is the RoR trophy and rosettes – Retraining of Racehorses

This year the outstanding award goes to “ The two horses of Ruth and Caroline Hurley”
Ruth said that the award should go to the horses as “They are the stars, they did all the work and work for both Mother and Daughter”.

I agree with Ruth as the horses are the stars but they have to be ridden by good riders to get a good result.

Best Member Awards

This award is given to the members who attend the most of our activities which are not competitive.

1. Sue Biltcliffe – Sue also received a trophy
2. Anne Roberts
3. Sara Wright
4. Karen Hatcher
5. Carol Kynaston and Paula Jefferson
6. Lynn Bird
7. Zoe Chamberlain and Kat Morgan

Show Jumping Awards

Competitions held at Rhos Farm

1. Hannah Burgoyne – Hannah also received a Cup
2. Claerwen McClean
3. Amanda Hopwood
4. Zoe Chamberlain
5. Lynn Bird
6. Heather Jones

Best Competitive Riders Award

1. Helen Hathaway – Helen also received a trophy
2. Hannah Burgoyne
3. Becky Furniss
4. Caroline Hurley
5. Kat Morgan
6. Shelly Colohan

Well done everyone


Your Club Needs You!

As I am sure you are all aware when you join Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club part of your commitment is to do half a days help (4hrs). Last year only about 30% of our members did 95% of the help so it would be lovely to see more of you offering.

We are re introducing subsidies this year as we have managed to build up our funds a little. So for those of you doing more than the half day we will give out vouchers (£5 for the next 4 hrs and another £5 for the next 4 hrs). These can then be redeemed against a clinic/competition/Christmas meal etc

Below is a list of some of the events we will need help at during the next few months. Some are our local VVRC events and some are area events -again some local some far away.

Please contact the organiser if you are able to help at any of these.
Many thanks and here is to a horse filled 2020.

DATES:15th February – VVRC dressage competition 1pm – Radfords- writer/steward/scorer – Contact Sally –
16th February -Area Intermediate show jumping – Northop- contact Kat –
29th February -Area Intermediate Dressage -Somerford Park – Contact Sally
21st March -FOTH/CT – Field House Equestrian – Contact Caroline Hurley –
29th March – VVRC Dressage competition 1pm -Radford’s – Sally
11th April – VVRC Fun show jumping competition – Rhos -Contact Anne Roberts –
18th April – VVRC dressage competition 1pm – Radfords- contact Sally
2nd May – VVRC Fun show jumping competition – Rhos -Contact Anne
13th May – VVRC dressage competition – 5.30pm -Radfords -contact Sally
21st June – Area show jumping – Radfords -Kat
4th or 5th July -Area Horse Trials -Somerford Park -Caroline

BRC Arena Eventing Schedule – Area 20

Please find attached the schedule for the Arena eventing.

The cost to enter is £29.50 per person and I will need your full name, your membership number, your horses passport number and their name as it appears on the passport along with the entry fee.

If you would like to enter I need to know by Wednesday 8th January and you also need to have contacted Sally and renewed your membership.

The link to the 2020 rule book is here
BRC A20 AE 2020

Please make sure you are familiar with the rules and make sure you are elligible to enter. Also check that all of your vaccinations are correct, the 12 month vaccination rule still applies for this competition.

It would be great if we could get some teams together.

Ali Harper

BRC A20 AE 2020

Dressage National Championships Qualifier 2019

I’m not sure we’ve shared this success story on Facebook previously, but it’s such a good one it would be a shame not to (even if it is a bit late!)

Congratulations to Caroline Hurley who has qualified for the National Championships on her ex-racehorse Ulis De Vassy.
Caroline has only had Vassy for a few months and in that time has turned him into a dressage horse – proves that ex-racehorses can turn their hand at any discipline.
Well done Caroline and Vassy
Ulis De Vassy is 11yrs and ran a total of 58 times in National Hunt races (over hurdles and chase fences), winning 8 of his races and only ran in a chase on 16 December 2018


just WOW!

Dressage Update

Summer Area Dressage

Sadly, we only had 2 competitors in this year’s summer qualifiers, but they both represented VVRC very well with some great results. Kat Morgan and the lovely Pick Nick and Caroline and Ulis De Vassy

The venue boasted stunning views with lovely weather -apologies to the show jumpers who had rain the following week.
Kat and Nick came 4th in their arena. This was a great result made even more remarkable because Nick broke his leg in the field five years ago. He had a protracted recovery and Kat, and we, are extremely proud of her miracle horse for being able to compete in dressage competitions at all never mind representing VVRC at Area.

Caroline took Ulis De Vassy and her mum Ruth went along as groom (we couldn’t manage without them). Caroline entered P12 as an individual. Vas warmed up well, did his test and Caroline was super pleased with him for doing one of his best tests to date. They then had to wait for the scores! They were worth the wait as they got 66.85% and finished 2nd. As the winner was part of the winning team, this meant qualification passed down.

Unfortunately, Caroline didn’t attend the Championships after a little incident at the RoR Championship held at Aintree Racecourse. Vas thought he was back at the racetrack evoking bad memories of his racing career. This upset him so much Caroline decided not to take him to Lincoln the following weekend (a 3hr plus drive). Vas is now on his winter holidays.

Vas is 11 years old and ran a total of 58 times (over hurdles and chase fences winning 8 of his races. He last ran in a steeplechase on 16 December 2018 so Caroline has done an amazing job of getting him this far in such a short space of time.

Winter Area 20 dressage
This is in November and I will be sending out more details nearer the time and hope to get some entries.

Summer Dressage League
We have had a mixed summer with this. We have had to cancel a few due to bad weather and in some cases too few entries. Hopefully next year we can revamp and have more people coming along to enjoy some low-key dressage in a friendly atmosphere .

Sally Evans

Summer Dressage League – May 2019

Yesterday, our summer dressage league finally got underway.

It was a lovely evening of dressage with delicious pimms afterwards, the weather was good and the going excellent.

It was so nice to see our members out with their horses and I would like to thank our helpers for calling, writing and scoring, Alison Lewis for having us and judge Diane Hesketh-Jones for her constructive feedback.

The points after our first competition are:
Isobel Roberts The Wizard IV 9
Ali Harper Donovan 8
Sally Evans Sirius 8
Sara Wright Alton (coffee) 6
Anne Roberts Millie 6
Elspeth Carr My Top Diplomat 3
Caroline Hurley Chorister Girl 1
Ruth Hurley Chorister Girl 0
Zoe Chamberlain Douglas 0

Well done everyone.

We look forward to seeing you at our next competition on Thursday 20th June

Ali Harper-Duddings

Winter Novice Dressage 2018

On Saturday November 3rd 2018, five VVRC members set out for Somerford Park to take part in the area winter novice dressage competition.
The competition was held on the lovely outdoor arenas with plenty of warm up space. I think most of the horses were eyeing up the cross-country fences and would have enjoyed doing that after their tests!

The team of Kat Morgan, Janet Warner, Meg Higginson and Sally Evans, plus Ruth Hurley as individual, all did good tests. Janet did amazingly well to come 3rd in her arena but sadly the team were out of the rosettes with stiff competition from around the area. Many thanks to those who stewarded (Kat and Sally) especially as it was quite a cold day.