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VVRC Annual Prize giving 2022

Prize giving, as usual, followed our AGM in February of this year.

Best Member Award
For riders who have attended clinics and social events, but not as a competitor. Members are awarded one point for every Riding Club event which they attend, but it does not include competitions as they have their own award
1st Paula Jeffreson 19 points and Trophy
=2nd Carol Kynaston and Sally Evans 9 points
3rd Joanne Micklethwaite 8 points
=4th Nicky Machin, Sara Wright, Ruth Hurley, Meg Evans, Janet Warner 7 points
5th Amanda Hopwood 6 points

Retraining of Racehorses
Ruth Hurley

Rosettes and gifts were given to our members who have given hours of their time to help us run competitions etc. We are so grateful to them for their help, as without them competitors could not compete.

Best Helper of the Year
1st Maureen Coxon
2nd Ros Swanston
3rd Amanda Hopwood

Summer Dressage League
1st Izzy Robers 49 points and Silver Platter
2nd Alice Newby 48 points
3rd Nicky Crookes 17 points
4th Sara Wright 16 points
=5th Sally Evans, Lynn Bird and Elspeth Carr 13 points
=6th Erica Morgan and Claire Jones 12 points
=7th Amanda Hopwood and Janet Warner 10 points

Winter Dressage League
1st Alice Newby(Doodles) 43 points
2nd Sara Wright 15 points
=3rd Alice Newby (The Beast) Lynn Bird, Ruth Hurley 13 points
4th Ali Harper 12 points
5th Sally Evans 10 points

Best Competitive Rider
Caroline Hurley

Fun and Friendly Show Jumping Competition – March 2022

Here are the results from our Fun and Friendly Show Jumping Competition last weekend.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Our next Fun and Friendly Show Jumping Competition is 7th May

1st Paula Jeffreson
2nd Lynn Bird
3rd Amanda Hopwood

1st Amanda Hopwood
2nd Paula Jeffreson
3rd Lynn Bird (this might be the wrong way round…..sorry….)

1st Becky
2nd Elspeth Carr
3rd Kerry (Dolfer)

90 cm
1st Elspeth Carr
2nd Kerry (Dolfer)
3rd Becky

VVRC tries the Franklin method

VVRC had an introductory unmounted session with Nicky Clarke who holds the full Franklin Method Equestrian Trainer Diploma which was very kindly organised and hosted by Rita Grittiths.

This one-hour session started with a short introduction, we then experienced how the Franklin Balls work, what proprioception is and how it feels when we increase it. Nicky covered some fundamental points of pelvis positioning, breathing and associated core stability. There was then a demonstration with the saddle horse using a variety of balls, rollers and bands so we got to find out exactly what is involved in a ridden session.

For those of you who are wondering what the Franklin method is, it involves using a variety of balls and rollers to improve proprioception and rider position and balance. “The Franklin Method was created in the early 1990’s by Eric Franklin, a dancer and choreographer from Switzerland. Initially the method helped dancers to reduce injury and improve performance, but now it’s used worldwide to help all types of athletes, including horse riders, to improve their movement and competitive performance.”

Nicky Clarke from Ride with Balls explains the Franklin Method and how it can help riders;
“Perfecting your position in the saddle takes constant effort, being aware of your weak areas and trying to correct them. But constantly analysing yourself can seriously improve your self-belief and confidence.”

Four of us decided we wanted to experience a ridden session so Paula booked the school at CES on a very sunny Sunday and we gave it a go!
Under Nicky’s tuition we used the balls, rollers and bands to improve our position and balance. Our horses didn’t mind at all although it took some adjustments for us to get used to using the equipment, sitting on the rollers made us feel like we were sitting high above the saddle when in actual fact we were sitting less than an inch higher. We all agreed we had benefitted from the session and by the end, we were all sitting better and our horses went better for us as a result of this. Some of us found that the session had really helped improve our ability to do sitting trot and sit to canter too.
Many thanks to Rita for introducing us to this. Some members have also been attending Nicky’s equestrian Pilates classes on a Thursday evening at Knockin village hall. If you are interested in either the Franklin method or equestrian Pilates please contact her on


Dyfnant Forest Ride

Dyfnant Forest Ride October 24th 2021

Alice and I set out for another slightly damp ride around the beautiful Dyfnant Forest.

Sadly Nicki had hoped to join us but for some technical issues at the last minute which prevented her.

We chose a different route to our previous ride and managed to glimpse some tantalising views -with a little imagination through the mist.

None the less it was a lovely morning out in the open with no traffic and very few people around.

VVRC Christmas Dressage – December 2021

Our Christmas dressage competition that was open to both VVRC and ORC members was a great success! it was lovely to see everyone looking very festive.

All competitors, negotiated dressage tests with tinsel, bells and Christmas trees with very few spooks!

Thank you to our judge and helpers and a big thank you to all who brought lovely food and mulled wine for us to enjoy.

The best fancy dress went to Joanne Micklethwaite and Kate and the runner up was Lucy Walker and Boots

2022 British Riding Club Championship Dates

Arena Eventing Championships
11 – 13th March at Washbrook Farm, Aston Le Walls, NN11 6RT

Novice Winter Championships
26 – 27 March at Arena UK, Allington Lane, Allington, Grantham, NG32 2EF

Intermediate Winter Championships

22 – 24th April at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre, LU7 9BT

Combined Challenge Championships
21 – 22nd May at Washbrook Farm, Aston Le Walls

Horse Trials
5 – 7 August at Swalcliffe Park, Grange Farm, Swalcliffe, Banbury, OX15 5EX

National Championships
3 – 4 September at Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. LN2 2NA

Dressage Update

The in-house Summer Dressage League started with the April competition and has successfully run in May and June too.

It has been good to see our club members and their lovely horses out competing again. We have had successful days and we thank our judges and all our helpers who made the days possible.

We run two dressage leagues, a summer league and a winter league. Also included in the league competition will be the ROR competitors.

Radford’s has proved to be a popular venue for our competitions and we have been lucky enough to book it for the rest of the year on the following dates:
Summer League dates
Sunday 4th July
Saturday 21st August
Sunday 19th September

The points for the League are calculated as for British Dressage:
60.00 – 61.99% 1 point
62.00 – 63.99% 2 points
64.00 – 65.99% 3 points
66.00 – 67.99% 4 points
68.00 – 69.99% 5 points
70.00 – 71.99% 6 points

We have some members competing at the BRC Summer Area Dressage competition soon. Please contact Janet Warner/Maureen Coxon if you are interested in representing the club or hearing more about future area competitions.

We look forward to a successful year of in-house dressage competitions aimed at all levels from introductory level to Elementary level, so come and have a go. It is very relaxed with lots of encouragement.

Once again, thank you to our judges and helpers. Without you we would not be able to run these events.

Maureen Coxon/Janet Warner