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Clarification of Help Days for Members

It has come to our notice that some of our members do not understand why we ask all members to do a ‘help day’ each year.
Throughout the year we organise many competitions, dressage, show jumping and cross country and sometimes a combination of two or three of those disciplines.
Every competition requires people to help run them and for many years now our policy has been to ask members to help us run these events.
We ask for a minimum of four hours per member per year. These hours can be done at one event or in two halves if preferred.
Members who help usually receive various perks such as subsidies on clinics or help towards team entries.
We have always been very generous in the past with our subsidies but at the moment we are struggling to raise the money to pay the subsidies and our main fund raiser, the compact eventing, had to be cancelled because of lack of entries.
However, we are planning more fund raisers and hope that lots of you will enter and help us achieve our goal.
Thank you, Anne

Club Updates – Help days and subsidies

Help days and subsidies
At our most recent committee meeting we discussed help days and subsidies. As a club we want members to enjoy the activities and clinics we put on but felt we needed to clarify what is expected so it is fair for everyone.
HELP DAYS: All members are expected to do a help day as part of their membership. If they do this they will get subsidies for clinics and their prelim entries paid for area competitions. It was decided after much discussion to make this an absolute minimum of 4 hours. Once a member has done their minimum 4 hours, they will get the subsidies.
HELPERS AT AREA COMPETITIONS: These are often difficult for individuals to find especially new members. It was agreed that if someone helped at an area event this will go towards their help day. If they had to travel out of the local area they will get travel expenses paid and their travel time will count towards their hours.
IF SOMEONE HELPS FOR YOU if a non-member / family member/friend helps that does not count towards the members help day. Instead, there will be a helper of the year award for all helpers that will be awarded at the AGM.
SUBSIDIES: It has been agreed that 2018 subsidies will be a max of £3 for the hour so if sharing or having a lesson for part of an hour, members will receive their proportion of this amount.
PAYMENT OF SUBSIDIES: A maximum of £50 subsidies has been set for the year per member for lessons and clinics. All lessons/clinics will be charged at the full price at the time of the lesson and the subsidy will be handed out at the end of the year when the help hours have been totalled and checked.
PRELIM FEES and CHAMPIONSHIP FEES will be paid at the end of the year. This is subject to help day having been completed.

VVRC social evenings

Our last proper social evening of 2017 was Ten Pin Bowling at The Venue, Park Hall way back in November.
About 12 of us got together to enjoy an evening of food, chatter and of course bowling!! This was a bit different to any of the other socials we had previously organised and we are so glad it proved to be a popular choice. A repeat evening has been requested so we will try to fit it in to 2018 somewhere!!
Everyone played brilliantly, showed some amazing techniques and skills but most importantly had a great laugh! In the end it was Mo who showed the most skill and took home first prize and a box of chocolates.
I hope you like the fab action shots!!
Our regular social evenings have become a real success and as much as we love our four-legged friends it is lovely to be able to get together without them occasionally and see what we all look like without hats on! We try to keep the evenings varied and its always a lovely laid-back atmosphere so come along and enjoy!

For 2018 we plan to continue with our regular social evenings from May time onwards. Until then we have a couple of special socials planned. As I’m sure you’ve all seen by now we are running a course of six ‘Rider Core Strength and Fitness’ classes with the lovely Emily Pryce throughout February and March and we have 24 people signed up to these plus a waiting list! We are so pleased with the amount of enthusiasm we have had! Sorry if you missed out on a spot but watch this space we may do something similar again in the future.
We are also planning to have a pub quiz around Easter time (date TBC), this will be open to all members, family and friends so keep an eye out for the emails and Facebook posts. We are hoping it will be a fun evening and a chance to raise some money for both VVRC and The Air Ambulance.
If you have any ideas for future social events then please don’t hesitate to let either myself or Kat know. I can be found at and Kat at
Meg Evans

BHS Participation Project

Dear Affiliated British Riding Club

Come and be part of the new BHS Participation Project!

The BHS are running a project in conjunction with the BEF and Sport England to get more people riding and participating at and with their local affiliated riding club, BHS Approved centre, livery yard or registered instructor.

The project has been set up following an extremely successful pilot project, which ran the Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (EHKC) and Progressive Riding Test (PRT) courses, we are now in the position to roll this out nationally. The aim is to create an informal community through BHS Approved Livery Yards, Riding Centres, British Riding Clubs and Centres, providing horse owners with access to a network of advice, knowledge and education, enabling them to gain confidence and ride more frequently. By creating a community, participants will also become more involved in social activities with like-minded people.

Although this project is mainly aimed at people 26 years and over, it is open to all people, of all ages wishing to become more involved, gain a qualification or just increase their confidence to help them pursue new ways of enjoying horses.

We are encouraging our Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate (EHKC), Progressive Riding Tests (PRT) and the Riding School Certificate of Competence, but activities such as Pilates for riders, yoga, zumba, circuit training, rallies and camps anything that gets people participating and enjoying themselves with horses.

Any centre/club who is interested in running a course will be provided with a toolkit which contains useful books and posters to help get the courses up and running. Any participant who attends one of the courses being run as part of the participation project will also received a tailored toolkit to assist them to get started on their course. The BHS have waived any registration/certification fees for EHKC and PRT courses.

I have attached some FAQ’s that will explain in a bit more detail what is involved and the benefits of being part of the project.

Please have a read of the attached information and if you think that the project is of interest to you, please get in touch and we are more than happy to give you a ring or come out and explain the project in more detail.

BRC Approved Clubs and Centres interested in joining the project contact us:
• North, Ireland, Wales and Scotland – Becky Lindley, or 07773 043103
• South, East and Midlands – Michelle Davis, or 07773 043112
Many thanks

Participation Project FAQ’s