Events + Clinics

For full details of all clinics please look at the latest newsletter or on our facebook page

Please ensure you book in to clinics a week before as late entries will incur a £5 charge.
If you fail to turn up or cancel once it is booked you will still be required to pay the full cost of the session

All clinics are prices for instructor and arena per hour. if sharing lessons or having less than 1 hour it will be split accordingly

Horse Monkey
You can now use Horse Monkey to book in to many of our clinics, events or competitions

• There is a simple sign up process which will retain your and your horses details for use with any events on Horse Monkey.
• You do not need a PayPal account as payment can be made by CC or DC, the choice is yours, it is as easy as doing a bank transfer.
• You will need to enter your VVRC membership number, which will be retained. Your membership number is on the card issued to you, if you do not have this please contact
• It will give the organisers of the VVRC clinics and events better information for planning as the information will be produced in a report.
• There will be a link on the VVRC Facebook page to take you to the Horse Monkey site and there will be a link on the VVRC website that when clicked on will show you VVRC active events listed on Horse Monkey.

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  1. Hi Helen,
    if you go to the Membership page on this site you will find a form for joining whether you are a new member or an existing member. Both forms have full details on them. any more questions feel free to e-mail me at

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