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Area 20 Horse Trials Qualifier 24th June at Radfords Equestrian, Llanymynech

This year we entered a team for the 80cm and a team for the 90 cm and some individual riders too.

Unfortunately, we had to start a team of 3 for the 80cm as one of the horses went lame the day before.

Nicky Stokes had a great run and finished 9th, Siân Bates finished 13th but Gina Williams and Amanda Hopwood did not complete which put us out of the team event.

Sara Wright, who competed as an individual also had a good run and finished 7th on Justine’s Alton.

The 90cm did better finishing 8th with Myfi Powell finishing 3rd, Rachel Woolley 8th, Michelle Colohan 10th and Vicki Poole 14th in their sections.

Sue Jones and I competed as individuals, Sue finished 13th and I finished 14th. My cross-country round was particularly eventful; Jack pulled a shoe off causing him to trip which meant we had to circle in front of one of the fences and we were joined by a loose horse 4 fences from home!

I was a great day, we all enjoyed being out competing and it was lovely to see so many VVRC members out supporting our competitors.

I would like to say a big thank you to Julie Phillips and Rosemary Pyne who are no longer members but came and helped us put out the dressage arenas a few days before the event along with myself and Irene Gill. Also thank you to Sally Evans, Heather Jones and Dee Sides who delivered lunches to all the volunteers on the day.

Ali Harper

BRC Area 20 Horse Trials Qualifier at Llanymynech

We had three teams and two individual competitors entered for the horse trials qualifier in June.

Cassie Woods, Rubie Taylor, Sam Pennington and Hattie Warner were entered as a team in the 80cm qualifier as were Vicki Luxmoore, Izzy Roberts, Debbie Pennington and Sian Bates. In the 90cm we had a team made up of Myfi Powell, Ali Harper, Helen Hathaway and Justine James with Vicki Robson running as an individual as well as Rachel Baines who stood in for Elspeth Carr after Elspeth injured her eye and was unable to compete.

Everyone produced good dressage tests and we were off to a good start. The showjumping proved to be quite tricky and we had two eliminated from our 80cm team where one horse didn’t like the fillers and the other combination had control issues which meant one team was out but the two remaining competitors could continue for individual placings.

We also had one technical elimination in the 90cm because the horse and rider missed going through the finish and then went back through the finish the wrong way. Whilst very unfortunate, it was a good lesson learned and one for all of us to remember next time!

The cross country course was lovely and rode very well. Some of our 80cm team were riding inexperienced or green horses and a few clocked up some time penalties but all got round. The 90cm riders all got round, many inside the time. When the results came out we were all thrilled as so many of our members had done so well.

80cm individual results
Sam Pennington 4th
Hattie Warner  7th

80cm team 8th
Izzy Roberts  3rd
Debbie Pennington 14th
Vicki Luxmoore 5th
Sian Bates  13th

90cm team 2nd
Myfi Powell 1st
Helen Hathaway 8th
Ali Harper 9th
Justine James

90cm individual results
Rachel Baines  22nd
Vicky Robson 4th

Area 20 Qualifier and Championship Dates 2016

Area 20 Qualifiers 2016

Horse Trials Area 20 Llanymynech 25th June
Dressage Llandudno Caerwys 3rd July
Show Jumping Bradley Dale Ashwood Equestrian 23rd July
Dressage to Music Delamere Reaseheath 14th August

2016 BRC Championship Dates

Festival of the Horse 4 – 5 June Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Daventry, Northamptonshire. NN11 6RT

Horse Trials 5 – 7 August Swalcliffe Park Equestrian, Grange Farm, Swalcliffe, Banbury, Oxon. OX15 5EX

National Championships 10 – 11 September
Lincolnshire Showground, Grange-de-Lings, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. LN2 2NA

Dressage to Music & Quadrille Selection Trial 30 Sept – 2 October TBC Bury Farm Equestrian Village; New Bury Farm, Mill Road, Slapton, Bucks. LU7 9BT

Quadrille Final TBC TBC

Horse Trials on June 21st 2015 at Llanymynech

Well this year we had a great response to our team plea, for Area Horse Trial qualifiers
We had a team representing each class, so an 80,90 & 100

80 team, Ali Harper, Justine Roberts, Meg Davies & Sam Davies
Sadly 1 member fell foul to the vaccination rule, so had to go HC, so this made us a team of 3, however we all knuckled down & managed to come a credible team 5th out of 15 teams. Picking up individual places too of 2x 6 th & a 7th

90 Team. Laura Smith, Vicky Robson, Elspeth Carr & Rachel Wooley
Again we had a a great team & they finished 5 out of 14 teams, Vicky getting an individual 5th!

100 Team. Sally Poppe, Rachel Tudor Davies, Becky King, & Rebekah Jackson
Sadly we had an admin error on this team. I failed to write which class it was & area instead of questioning assumed it was a 90. I tried to change as I had declared them as a 100 team at the beginning of the competition, but it wasn’t to be. Again ladies, I am so sorry.
On this note Sally & Rebekah decided to withdraw as the ground was pretty solid & didn’t want to risk their super horses. Becky &Rachel both ran individually in the 100. Both girls had a great day with fab clear XC rounds. I hope it hasn’t put you off for next year!

So all in all we represented the club very well I think, with our club up in the Top 6 twice

Many many thanks to our wonderful helpers, Elspeth for providing the gazebo for the dressage judges to sit along with tables, tablecloths & chairs! Rachel for coming to help set it up along with the arenas, also Sue Jones, Julie Phillips.
On the day, we had a great picnic for the judges, everybody made some lovely food, Justine’s mum for lovely cakes, Heather Jones, Gina Williams for being our hostess’ delivering around the arenas
It’s quite a stressful day to organise on top of sorting food out for the judges, but by the end of the day, I think it all ran pretty smoothly!! Most people were smiling! I hope I haven’t missed anyone off, again I apologise if I have!

ODE Results 2015

Results for the Vyrnwy Valley Riding Club & Tanatside Hunt Branch of The Pony Club One Day Event

ODE Results 2015

Thank you to all of our competitors who battled the weather conditions to take part in the ODE. We hope you had a great day and were pleased with your results.

I would like to say a huge “thank you” to those members and friends who helped at our ODE on Saturday at Berriewood.

The weather conditions were “challenging”, but everyone just accepted that and made the most of it.

I am going to risk naming those who helped and hope to goodness I don’t miss anyone out!!

First of all we had several non VVRC members
Jo Woodcock who did a splendid job as XC Control and kept that whole phase moving despite deteriorating ground conditions.

Wendy and Sally Poppe (who is a member) ran the dressage

Rhiannon Hinton who dressage judged.

Trish Bridge was in charge of scoring and also was the extremely long suffering person who worked out all the competitor times and dealt with the many changes thrown at her.

Linda Jackson who was scoring.

Patsy Pyke’s husband Adrian who wrote for dressage and Jane Yorke’s partner Pete who also wrote for dressage.

Fiona and Rainer Jarman, Jan Glover, John Howarth and Harvey Walters (also on standby for fence repair) who all fence judged.

Now to our members

Sally Evans and myself are joint organisers on behalf of both clubs ( Tanatside PC and VVRC)

Anne Roberts who does a considerable amount of work before, during and after the event.

Jane Yorke and Patsy Pyke both judged dressage. In fact Patsy judged 2 classes.

Jeanette Barnes was in Secretaries

Elspeth Carr was scoring.

James Dawson ran the Show Jumping ably assisted by Jessica Jones

Tara McDermott ran her socks off collecting scores, Nikki Alexander and Vikki Luxmoore wrote for dressage, Joanne Matthews stewarded dressage and Sara Wright was on the XC start.
Irene Gill and Teresa Jones who served refreshments to fence judges.

Last but by no means least were the members who spent 8 hours out on the XC fence judging.

They were
Pat Sheppard, Jan Lawrence, Emily Jones, Rebecca Walters, Sue Jones, Emma Belcher, Heather Jones, Babs Williams, Jenny Clayton, Charlie Pearce, Sharon Ratcliff, Karen Booth, Erica Morgan. Kat Morgan, Gaynor Morgan, Meg Evans and Mair Schmeink helped on behalf of both clubs.

I believe we will have made a good amount of money for Riding Club Funds again which of course go straight back to members in one way or another.

Julie Phillips

FOTH 2015

We had a great response from members wanting to take part in the Festival of the Horse qualifier at Llanymynech. We had 10 members taking part, from the 80 through to the 100cm

Kat Morgan was 1st to go, going individually in the 100, Kat & Davies set the day up well for us by going double clear. then it was the turn of the 90’s teams, Team 1 Katie Ellis, Meg Davies, Vicky Robson & Sam Davies, Katie again had a great 2 rounds, going clear, Vicky went really well, & Meg & Sam had an let’s say “Eventful day!” Unfortunately no team placing. Then team 2 was Rachel Wooley who had a great XC round, Katie who again went double clear, Charlotte Saunders had a return to eventing & had 2 great rounds, & Elspeth who again flew round both courses. They were just out of the placings coming 7th.
Gina Williams went individually in the 80, not having done anything like this before & had a whale of a time, just 1 little blip, but otherwise flawless!
Big thank you to our volunteers, Claire Owen, Lucy & Laura Smith. They were there for the whole day so that our members could take part, many thanks as without you, we are not able to compete in area qualifiers.
I hope this may spur more members to take part in area qualifiers, as its great fun & a great way to meet other members. We put on training events beforehand, & try & squeeze in a social night too!
The next area competition is at Llanymynech again on June 21st, which is the Horse Trials, please contact Sam if you want to take part by May 27th at the very latest.