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Fundraising Quiz

On Friday April 6th we ran a pub-style quiz with food and a bar to raise money for the club and Air Ambulance. Once again, you all came through with fantastic support and the evening was a huge success! I can’t thank you all enough for coming along and bringing your friends and families.
It was a lot of hard work and wouldn’t have been possible without everyone helping to cook food, help write quiz questions, take money on the door, serve behind the bar, serve food, set up the hall and clear away afterwards. So thank you everyone, I won’t mention names as I will forget someone, but you know who you are and hopefully you know you were hugely appreciated!
We had nearly 60 people forming about 10 teams and we had a total of 8 question rounds with a yummy food break in the middle! The winning team were ‘Pieces of Eight’ who received their prize of a box of chocolates (some of which found their way into my tummy!)
We managed to raise a fantastic total of £450 and will be donating £150 to Air Ambulance so thank you once again for all those who supported on the night and due to the success we might be making it a regular fundraiser for the club.