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Dressage Report

The Summer Dressage League got off to a flying start in April with 17 class entries.

The feedback was very positive and everyone enjoyed the competition.
Sadly, we were not so lucky for our competition in May. We didn’t have enough entries to run the competition, so we had no choice but to cancel it. It was unfortunate that the only slot we could get at Radford’s in May was only two weeks after our April competition and we had feedback that quite a few of our members were away.

Our next competition is on Sunday 26th June, which hopefully our members will be able to attend. We will use the May tests for June, so hopefully those who were practicing for the May test will be well on their way.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our helpers who work so hard on competition days. They always have smiley faces and are so supportive to put riders at their ease at what can be for most, a nerve-racking experience to get in that arena and have a go as well ensuring all goes smoothly. Also, a big thank you to our judges who give us their valuable time, as I know they are in huge demand. Last, but not least, thank you to all our competitors who work so hard on their tests and turn out amazing beautiful horses for us to see. Without you, there wouldn’t be any competitions.

There has been feedback about varying the format of the competition, which includes: holding the competition outdoors, some long arena tests and some possible evening competitions. I am aware that quite a few people have given feedback on these options, but it would be good if we could hone it down a bit more. It would be helpful to know how many riders would be interested in an evening competition, which evening would be preferred and what time would they like to see the competition start.
There isn’t any reason why we couldn’t easily put on some long tests now that Radford’s have made the smaller arena into a 60×20 arena, with the letters in place. It would be helpful to know if the level of test should be novice, prelim or both. We could do some tests outside, however, if they are 40×20 tests, we would need dedicated helpers to set up the outside arena. This would take about 20 to 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition, with the appropriate equipment to measure the arena. Please feel free to send your thoughts and comments to maureencoxon@gmail.com

I think that is all I have to report for now.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to seeing you all in June.


Dressage Update

The in-house Summer Dressage League started with the April competition and has successfully run in May and June too.

It has been good to see our club members and their lovely horses out competing again. We have had successful days and we thank our judges and all our helpers who made the days possible.

We run two dressage leagues, a summer league and a winter league. Also included in the league competition will be the ROR competitors.

Radford’s has proved to be a popular venue for our competitions and we have been lucky enough to book it for the rest of the year on the following dates:
Summer League dates
Sunday 4th July
Saturday 21st August
Sunday 19th September

The points for the League are calculated as for British Dressage:
60.00 – 61.99% 1 point
62.00 – 63.99% 2 points
64.00 – 65.99% 3 points
66.00 – 67.99% 4 points
68.00 – 69.99% 5 points
70.00 – 71.99% 6 points

We have some members competing at the BRC Summer Area Dressage competition soon. Please contact Janet Warner/Maureen Coxon if you are interested in representing the club or hearing more about future area competitions.

We look forward to a successful year of in-house dressage competitions aimed at all levels from introductory level to Elementary level, so come and have a go. It is very relaxed with lots of encouragement.

Once again, thank you to our judges and helpers. Without you we would not be able to run these events.

Maureen Coxon/Janet Warner