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RAF Shawbury’s Be Seen, Be Safer Horse Rider Awareness Campaign

RAF Shawbury launched its Be Seen, Be Safer horse rider awareness campaign, in association with The BHS, in April 2015. So far, the base has distributed a huge amount of free high visibility clothing to riders throughout Shropshire and the borders of adjacent counties, all of which lie within Low Flying Area 9, which is a Dedicated Helicopter Training Area. I have attached a leaflet for your information.

The aim of the campaign is to promote the wearing of high visibility clothing by riders in order that they are more visible and can be seen earlier by the helicopter aircrew. In addition, the campaign trains helicopter aircrew, based at RAF Shawbury, to spot riders early and the take action to minimise disturbance.

20210104-Be Seen Be Safer Leaflet

20210104-Be Seen Be Safer Poster