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VVRC Annual Prize giving 2022

Prize giving, as usual, followed our AGM in February of this year.

Best Member Award
For riders who have attended clinics and social events, but not as a competitor. Members are awarded one point for every Riding Club event which they attend, but it does not include competitions as they have their own award
1st Paula Jeffreson 19 points and Trophy
=2nd Carol Kynaston and Sally Evans 9 points
3rd Joanne Micklethwaite 8 points
=4th Nicky Machin, Sara Wright, Ruth Hurley, Meg Evans, Janet Warner 7 points
5th Amanda Hopwood 6 points

Retraining of Racehorses
Ruth Hurley

Rosettes and gifts were given to our members who have given hours of their time to help us run competitions etc. We are so grateful to them for their help, as without them competitors could not compete.

Best Helper of the Year
1st Maureen Coxon
2nd Ros Swanston
3rd Amanda Hopwood

Summer Dressage League
1st Izzy Robers 49 points and Silver Platter
2nd Alice Newby 48 points
3rd Nicky Crookes 17 points
4th Sara Wright 16 points
=5th Sally Evans, Lynn Bird and Elspeth Carr 13 points
=6th Erica Morgan and Claire Jones 12 points
=7th Amanda Hopwood and Janet Warner 10 points

Winter Dressage League
1st Alice Newby(Doodles) 43 points
2nd Sara Wright 15 points
=3rd Alice Newby (The Beast) Lynn Bird, Ruth Hurley 13 points
4th Ali Harper 12 points
5th Sally Evans 10 points

Best Competitive Rider
Caroline Hurley

AGM and Prize Giving

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and Prize Giving last night.

Some interesting discussions about the club and what we want to do in the future, election of the new committee and lots of fun prize giving and, most importantly, chips! What more could a person ask for?

Well done to all of you who got a rosette (aren’t they gorgeous?), and a special thanks to Maureen Coxon for making the prize giving and photos much more fun! Took me a while to work out the best setting on the camera but there are some that really made me laugh!

look out for the minutes if you weren’t able to attend